This here is my portfolio website, but also the place where I put any projects that I'm working on in my spare time. More coming soon-ish!


Kontrast: A Platformer for Android

So I've very recently finished this cool little game together with a projectmate for school. In three weeks time, we had to create a real game for Android phones using Android Studio! (And a really shoddy 'game-engine' library provided by our school which we had to rewrite a lot) Download it here and try it out!


New Projects Uploaded

I came to realize that this site could do with some more projects to show. I've recently finished this semester about basic Java programming using Processing. (Which is really, really basic) I thought the stuff I made was pretty fun, even though a few are pretty useless. I'm also uploading the source so that you can see how I write my code! If you're interested in a little backstory about these projects, then read them in my blog here.


Website Updated!

Well, finally I've updated this website to have a bit more proper design. The design was created with the assistance of my friend known as Broxzier. Visit his website here!